Multi-Use Hand Wash Stations

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    This compact hand washing sink minimizes splashing, therefore limiting the spread of bacteria and wet floor slips and falls. Available in one to three user stations, this hand wash sink is ideal for hospitals, pharmaceutical, and other facilities requiring increased infection control.

    • Durable & Non-Porous: 16-gauge, type 304 stainless steel minimizes bacteria
    • Splash Protection: High backsplash, offset drain(s), and angled basin keep water in the sink where it belongs, reducing the risk of slips and the accumulation of standing water where bacteria can breed
    • Three Sizes: One station (30"), two stations (72"), or three stations (96")
    • USP <800> Compliance: Add the eye wash option (-EFW) to meet USP <800> requirements
    3 products
    USP 800
    4171 One-Station Hand Wash Sink
    $7,213.50 USD
    USP 800
    4172 Two-Station Hand Wash Sink
    $7,956.90 USD
    USP 800
    4173 Three-Station Hand Wash Sink
    $11,340.00 USD