Portable Sinks

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    Portable sinks can quickly and easily be placed in any location, indoors or out, to add hand washing capabilities wherever and whenever they are needed.

    Constructed from stainless steel, our portable hand washing stations are durable and easy to clean and sanitize. Multiple hands-free options, from foot pedal to sensor operation, are available. They can be specified to use garden hoses or onboard tanks to supply fresh water and drain waste water.

    31 products
    Bobrick 2111 Surface Mounted Soap Dispenser
    $40.10 USD
    Bobrick 2620 Surface Mounted Paper Towel Dispenser
    $55.63 USD
    SW000-PT Strainer & 1 1/2" Trap, Plastic
    $49.16 USD
    SW000-PTC Strainer & 1 1/2" Trap, Chrome
    $75.03 USD
    PS1200-SG Stainless Steel Sink Splash Guard
    $225.23 USD
    PS1200-SG1 Stainless Steel Sink Splash Guard
    $280.67 USD
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