Wudu Station

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    Our Wudu Stations, available in one to three stations, are ideal for Mosques and places of worship. Constructed from 18 gauge stainless steel with a satin finish, our units are durable and easy to clean.
    3 products
    Ships In 5 Days
    WD-1 Single Station Wudu Wash Trough
    WD-1 Single Wudu Wash Trough
    Ships In 5 Days
    WD-2 Stainless Steel Two Station Wudu Wash Trough
    Adjustable spray nozzle and push button on stainless steel Wudu wash station
    WD-2 Double Wudu Wash Trough
    Ships In 5 Days
    WD-3 Stainless Steel Three Station Wudu Wash Trough
    WD-3 Triple Wudu Wash Trough