Wudu Washing Stations & Ablution Seats

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    Our durable stainless steel wudu stations, available in 1- to 3-user configurations, are the optimal solution for washing in preparation of ritual prayer. Ideal not only for mosques, but for multi-faith rooms in schools and universities, hospitals, workplaces, hotels, or any public building striving to be more inclusive.

    We also offer ablution seats featuring the same 18-gauge stainless steel construction and satin finish.

    4 products
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    WD-1 Single Station Wudu Wash Trough
    WD-1 Single Wudu Station
    $838.95 USD
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    WD-2 Stainless Steel Two Station Wudu Wash Trough
    Adjustable spray nozzle and push button on stainless steel Wudu wash station
    WD-2 Double Wudu Station
    $1,482.60 USD
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    WD-3 Stainless Steel Three Station Wudu Wash Trough
    WD-3 Triple Wudu Station
    $2,097.90 USD
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    WDS Stainless Steel Wudu Station Floor Mount Stool
    WDS Wudu Stool
    $372.75 USD